Cost Estimate

Join us to experience the thrill of target pistol shooting! All ages 11+ are welcome to participate in this safe and exciting sport.

Steps to apply

1. Statement of Eligibility

2. Provisional Approval Status (optional)

3. Character References

4. Supporting Documentation

5. Submit Your Application Online!

6. Online Course and Exam

You’re Now a Member – Welcome to the Club!

Our memberships include:

  • Unlimited access for licensed members to club matches and practice sessions
  • Regular matches for unlicensed members
  • Targets & range supplies
  • Member app
  • Online training courses
  • Online forms for club letters: Licensing, PTA’s, Financial
  • Yearly memberships are paid upfront and renew one year after the start date


  • +$100 JOINING FEE


  • +$100 JOINING FEE


  • Linked to an annual member


  • Linked to an annual member
  • $480 credit to attend IPDEV


  • For full-time students with
  • a registered tertiary
  • education provider


Can I try out the sport before joining?

What is included with my membership?

How long will it take before I can apply for my Category H license?

How much will my first handgun cost?

What type of handgun can I buy?

Can I shoot at the range on my own after I am licensed?

Range Related

What hours are the ranges available to members?

Can I use jacketed or FMJ ammo?

Is there a restriction on calibre?

The club is approved for  .177 air to .45 calibre centrefire pistols note some larger calibres have the potential to breach our Range Approvals and restrictions may apply.

1:1 and small group coaching

Our regular training classes are with one instructor per two members and we also have regular individual 1:1 coaching sessions available. These individual and small group sessions can be very personalised and are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

1:1 Coaching

  • 1 Hour
  • 50-200 rounds

In depth, one on one, and personalised coaching to improve your IPSC shooting skills and knowledge. Conducted by Master Grade IPSC Shooters.

Practical Fundamentals Group Class

Structured Training Group Session